KBE 88mm

Doors and windows lend expression to your home and form part of your personal lifestyle. So it’s a good thing that modern residential door systems cater to nearly all tastes. The KBE System_88mm offers inward and outward opening residential doors, balcony and terrace doors, and parallel sliding/tilting doors. These door variants are not only intended as supplements to the double seal and centre seal system, they also offer in the first instance wonderful comfort in the form of modern, state of the art insulating and security technology and can be used as supplements to other systems as well.

The innovative six chamber system with 88 mm installation depth is an effective barrier against cold and heat from outside. Also in terms of basic security, the residential doors are way ahead of the field. The large steel reinforcements form a solid, closed frame. The sash corners are reinforced with welded corner connectors that absorb the bending and torsional forces and directs them through the surrounding steel frame. This ingenious security concept is rounded off by special hardware.
As a premium product, this 88 mm door system offers you virtually unlimited possibilities. Your specialist builds your residential door as a single- or multi-sash model, with skylight or side frames, and even with arches. The look presented by your entrance area is upgraded further with Georgian bars, standard functional and decorative glazing, prefabricated panels, and even inter-sash door panelling.

  • Highly insulating residential door system with 88 mm installation depth, Uf value = 1.1 W/(m²K) with design of straight lines, excluding the threshold
  • Six chamber design with maximal sized steel reinforcement and welded corner connectors for greater static properties
  • Two sealing levels, protection against driving rain, and optimal imperviousness to wind on the highest level
  • Barrier free threshold with thermal break
  • Threshold connector for precision fitting and sealing between frame and threshold
  • For special functional glazing or residential door panelling of 44 mm
  • Aluminium weather bar and rebate pad set for optimal protection against driving rain